I was able to use my database after following the next steps:

  • restore only the schema with the -s option to pg_restore
    sample: pg_restore –host localhost –port 5432 –username “pguser” –dbname “pgdatabasename” –no-owner –schema-only –verbose “file.backup”
  • modify the column “name” of table “ir_act_window” and drop the “not null” constraint
  • restore the data only, while disabling triggers (this requires using the postgres super user) with these options : -a -S postgres –disable-triggers
    sample: pg_restore –host localhost –port 5432 –username “pguser” –dbname “pgdatabasename” –data-only –disable-triggers –verbose “file.backup”
  • change the ir_act_window record(s) with no name
  • add the null constraint
  • do a -u all on the database

Everything is working again