From the base of the populair post How To: Install OpenERP v7 from Launchpad | PostgreSQL 9.2

I created a install script for OpenERP on a brand new Ubuntu 12.04 server.

The install script can be found here:

In the script there are some parameters you can set at this time:


OE_VERSION: choose the OpenERP version you want to install 6.1, 7.0 or 8.0 (trunk)

PG_VERSION: choose the PostgreSQL version you want to install 8.4, 9.1, 9.2 or 9.3

General OpenERP Settings

OE_USER: the user the openerp deamon uses

OE_HOME: the folder where the openerp-server resides

OE_CONFIG: the name of the config file

Bazaar Checkout settings

BZR_LIGHTWEIGHT: use the lightweight checkout

BZR_LATEST: checkout the latest version of OpenERP Server, Addons and Web


If you want to use the script copy the file to the server or paste the contents in a file.

Make the file executable and start with ./

If you have run the script you should have a working OpenERP v7 server wich is available at: http://ipadress-server:8069

The server will auto start on reboot and you can start en stop the OpenERP server with /etc/init.d/openerp-server stop (to stop) or /etc/init.d/openerp-server (to start)