Get the Google iCalendar URL

  • Login to the Google account containing the calendar


  • Switch to calendar tab from the top navigation


  • Select Calendar Settings from the calendar you want to export to Office 365



  • Now scroll the page and from calendar address section click ICAL to get the URL of this calendar
  • Copy the URL of this calendar

Import calendar in Office365

  • Make sure your Outlook is connected to your Office365 account
  • Open Outlook desktop program and click File>Open& Export>Import/Export
  • Choose Import an icalendar(.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs), click Next
  • Paste the URL of the ICAL of your Google apps calendar on filename and click “Open”
  • At this time Outlook will prompt you to choose between importing the Calendar in your current calendar or create a new calendar
  • Choose the option you preffer and it will import the calendar entries to your Office 365 environment
  • You now have migrated your Google calendar to Office365